Anxiety Groups

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How Groups Help with Anxiety

When someone struggles with anxiety, working in a therapy group can be a very powerful experience.  Anxiety can cause a great deal of isolation and being in a group with people who have similar challenges can go a long way in building confidence because you learn that you aren’t alone.  Additionally, I have found group members are very supportive of one another and, because of this, progress can happen faster.  My groups address social anxiety, fear, phobias, and constant worrying/generalized anxiety, all of which do well within a group therapy format.

Session & Financial Details

 • The group would meet weekly for a total of 12 sessions that are 90-minutes long. (Occasionally, a week will be skipped during a holiday but the total number of sessions will remain the same.  The planned dates will be announced prior to the beginning of the group.)
 •  Please refer to my rates page for current fees for a 90-minute group session.  Payments are to be made in advance, on a monthly basis, regardless of ability to attend.  Because of the small size of the group, it’s important to prioritize attendance and your advanced payment is your commitment to attend.
 • If you are not an ongoing client of mine, you will also need to come in for an individual, intake session (please see rates page).  Note: I don’t schedule these appointments unless I have received enough pre-screening forms that make it likely that I have enough people to make a well-matched group.  
 • Day and time determined by group member availability.

Each session will have

 • an educational component,
 • a group sharing component (gradually, as people are comfortable),
 •and ideas for things to do between sessions.


The group will be focusing primarily on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) ideas, techniques, and activities.  
 • CBT is the gold standard treatment approach for anxiety, as it is very strongly supported by decades of research.  
 • When used properly, it can help people develop the ability to recognize learned habits of automatic, negative thinking that affect how we emotionally feel (and behave).
 • It also teaches ways to cope with stress and provides a framework to move out into the world and conquer the things that make you anxious.

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