Group Pre-Screening

If You are Interested in One of my Groups

The first step is to fill out my Group Pre-Screening Form.

This will give me some basic information that can assist me in pulling together people who will be a good match in the group.  When I start to get close to my 4 member minimum for a particular age-range and group of interest, I will reach out to you to schedule your intake assessment (if you are not already an on-going client of mine).  Meeting people face-to-face before finalizing the group members helps me to match people based on what their needs/growth-edges are.

My goal is for the group to be helpful for everyone

Having people with widely different needs in a group can make that challenging.  I know that it can feel frustrating to have to wait but, especially when it comes to groups for kids/teens, one bad group experience can leave a person feeling like groups aren’t helpful and turn them away for years from what can be a very valuable resource.  I would choose to not run a group rather than put together a bunch of people that won’t work well  with each other.  So, during the waiting period, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me from time to time to ask for an update about how things are coming together.

Group Pre-Screening Forms  

To learn about different ways to return the completed forms to me in a secure/private manner…
Go to: 
Returning Completed Forms
NOTE: Regular e-mail is not secure and I cannot guarantee your privacy on it’s internet travels between you pushing “send” and it arriving in my inbox.  Once it is in my possession, I will keep it private from that point forward.