LGBTQ Affirming

I want to take a moment to mention the “Spectrum of Competency” when it comes to working with folks in the LGBTQ community.  A professional colleague of mine, Heather Stambaugh, created the descriptions in her “Spectrum of Competency,” to help both professionals and clients understand, and keep in perspective, the skills and limitations a professional can have, when working with folks in this community.   (She is being kind enough to allow me to share her lovely graphic with you here.)

For myself, I would describe my experience as being a “Knowledgeable Therapist.”  I have worked with many people in the LGBTQ community,  have personal experience within the community, and started attending the annual, professional trainings that are available at the Philly Trans Wellness Conference (formally Trans Health Convention) starting in 2016.  I’m happy to write letters for HRT and surgery, though I’m happy to say that my clients haven’t experienced this barrier in front of them.