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You Are a Person Who Is Ready for Change

… a change for yourself…or perhaps for a child that you deeply care about.  That;s why you are here, reading my website.  You are trying to decide if I will be the right match for you or your loved one, which is a smart way to go about making this decision so you’re off to a great start!  Finding a therapist that is a good match both for someone’s personality and for the specific challenges they face is important.  Some people have to try a few different therapists before they find “the one.”  I hope that my website will give you a sense for my style, which I’d generally describe as personal, positive, and science-based.  And, while I have helped adults and kids with a wide variety of issues, if you or your child are being held back by excessive fears and worries or are trying to develop effective coping strategies to manage challenges with attention, organization, or social skills, I am confident that you will benefit from my specialized training and experience in these areas.

And one last detail that is important for some of my clients, I am LGBTQ-affirming therapist.  In fact, no matter what your religion, cultural background, or what country you are from, I welcome you to my office. So, dive into my website, see what you think, and then reach our and contact me with your questions or a request for a (free) 15-20 minute phone consultation or your first appointment!   Sincerely, Andrea